4EV3R by Marc Boudreau

‘4EV3R’ by Canadian singer and songwriter “Marc Boudreau” is a joyous organic and emotional piece of music and writing – poetic and thoughtfully written, lyrically touched in a way that constantly reflects the love feeling or idea and always brims with genuine passion. Presents every moment of melody.

“4EV3R” emerges rather slowly, setting a peaceful atmosphere, revealing the artist’s lead voice softly and subtly, bringing a touch of emotion and reality to the stage before taking over the energy and speed of what follows. As the rest of the song begins to arrive, the melody has an alt-pop feel to it, but as is often the case with Marc Boudreau’s vocal performances – there’s something incredibly unique about the sound. His voice changes between high and low in a very unusual way. It has a stop-start quality to it, as opposed to delivering something that refuses to pause and insists on being heard every millisecond – as pop singers sometimes do.

Musically the track is beautiful, starting with the simplicity of a riff, a soft beat and a smooth and fantastic lead vocal performance. It quickly reveals an alt or pop sound, a free-flowing, effortless vocal style and a soul-soaked serenity. As far as lead vocals go, the sound is undeniably pure and genuine – the song comes from a place of experience and consideration, and you can tell this.

Marc Boudreau’s feature on the track offers an alternative perspective and a change in character – keeping the vibe going and the vocalist working well in this musical setting. The main thing about the song’s hook is the melody and the slow delivery of the words. The honesty is intense, but the music is very smooth and soft; The difference is powerful. At first, it’s an easy listen, if simply enjoyable, but the depth of the lyrics and the subtle emotion in the lead artist’s voice soon invites you to connect more deeply with the song. Depth is not that common in modern music, so it’s worth tuning in when you find it.