787876 by Snailbones

Dive into the chaotic beauty of “787876” by Seattle’s very own Snailbones, pioneers of noise-rock born out of Portland’s frustration in 2017. This dynamic band seamlessly fuses grunge, punk, and noise-rock, creating a sonic landscape that echoes the rebellious spirit of their inception.

In March 2023, Snailbones ventured into the studio with the legendary Steve Albini, the sonic architect behind Nirvana and PJ Harvey. This collaboration resulted in their third album, “Erroneous Harmonious,” a testament to their evolution on rock’s cutting edge.

From the Massif Music Festival in Nelson, British Columbia, to the intimate corners of Seattle, Snailbones continues to redefine rock. Unleashing a new era of sound, they’re not just a band; they’re architects of sonic rebellion, and with “787876,” they’re carving their path into the next generation of rock greatness.