Bariumby Prime Sinister

Twenty six year old Prime Sinister is one of the best high fliers in the Hip Hop, rap, R and B and trap music industry in the UK. His music is significantly unique, in which his work consists of a specific rhyme style, distinct genre and a mix of twisted and ambiguous expressions. Having a massive crowd all throughout London, Sinister has been able to successfully hurl himself into the upper echelon of his field and has 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone. “Barium” is Sinister’s recently released single. It is the very first single which is out from his imposing second album “Long Live Syllablism”. The album is titled as “Syllablism” for its fascinating style of rhyming. Thus, one syllable is repeated constantly with a focus on creating a hypnotic sound throughout a particular verse. This unique rhyming style was augmented by Sinister himself when he was just 14 years old and now it has been an immutable style in his work.
Consequently, “Barium” is a three minutes and fifty nine seconds music video which is completely a self-production of Prime Sinister and Sinister has been working for this for almost two years of time. The song starts off with a captivating flow of music supplying a fresh beginning to its listeners. The rap mixed with the astonishing syllablism which is the staggering feature of this piece of work adds more beauty and also power to it. The word “Barium” is repeated constantly and it is extremely striking in style. Moreover, the signature style of lyrics blended with bewitching tempo has contributed immensely to make this production more eminent. It further supports the lyrical and the picturesque background to be enticing.
So, it is evident that “Barium” by Prime Sinister is absolutely an intriguing production which attracts the audience from its very first second to the end.