“Bina” is the newly released music video by the talented and upcoming artist Makanda. Makanda is one of the brilliant and hard working artists who makes attempts to produce and supply the best and the most heartfelt music to the audience out there. The dream of producing good music has been spinning in Makanda’s head since he was just 16. However, he had not been able to work for his dreams until he was 20, but at the age of 20, Makanda was capable of taking his dreams to the next level by driving 12 hours to Florida to become a perfect music artist.
Makanda has a great passion for afro beat and pop styles of music and his latest release “Bina” also consists of these styles of music. “Bina” is a three minutes and thirty two seconds music video, which is directed and shot by ‘Think Global Media’ and produced by ‘Banko Beats & Makanda’.
The song starts off with a good stream of music interconnected by a stunning beat and a captivating melody. The voice of the artist is indeed amazing and at the first moment itself one will realize that Makanda’s voice is made for pop music. Thus, it is evident that Makanda is a superstar in the pop music field and does a great job in uplifting the pop music industry. The manner in which this super voice gets blended with the strum of Afro beat is something which is extraordinary. Thus, the beat and the voice should be highly appreciated for making “Bina” second to none.

Further, the visuals of the video should be in high regard. All the actions performed by the artist and the dance movements performed by the other performances are incredible. Visual actions make this piece of work more amazing and drag the music video to the place of ‘perfection’.
Finally it is evident that “Bina” by Makanda is one of the best pop works released lately. So, listen to it now!