Can’t Trust Myself by Kieran James

Kieran James is a singer, songwriter based in London predominantly working under the genres of Dance,RnB, and UK Garage (UKG ).. Kieran has an amazing voice of a promising artist and he definitely has the potential of becoming a versatile artist in the industry as his passion for music can be seen through his work.As an upcoming artist who is trying to stamp his talent in the industry, Kieran has done a splendid job in creating his latest single named “Can’t Trust Myself’ which is unique, rare yet beautiful and heart touching .

‘’Can’t Trust Myself’’ is a song about a heart broken lover who was deeply in love with his partner and now that the relationship is over he is desperate and feeling hopeless because his dreams and hopes are shattered because of their breakup.The reason could be betrayal as trust is often emphasized in the song as it is one of the key components of a lasting and loving relationship.He no longer trusts himself or his lover as he is still in the phase where he faces a lot of emotional turmoil after the breakup.Breakups aren’t the nicest thing in this world, they are tough, but with time you heal from it and you learn certain lessons from the experiences you go through.This song definitely sets the perfect vibe for a heart touching song because everything about the song is so fresh and unique.

To conclude,I suggest all of you to check out this heart warming song as it’s very unique and the video of the song is also very creative even though it’s very simple.As far as the tone,music and the lyrics are concerned, everything just perfectly blends together creating the perfect mood for a heart touching song.If Kieran keeps experimenting more genres and keeps creating songs like
‘’Can’t Trust Myself’’, his dream of becoming a renowned artist would come into fruition.