Extreme by Joe Amir

Joe Amir is an upcoming artist who is showcasing his talents as a guitarist and is predominantly working under the genres of rock and other types of music.Joe is popular for creating instrumental rock electric guitar covers for classic and popular songs.Apart from Rock and funk, he does slow melodic emotional solo instrumental covers as well.He has over 30 years of experience and he is the #1 award winning guitar player(1994) in the state of Israel, where he is originally from.He has his own instrumental album named ‘’Flying into the sunset’’ which features progressive rock metal guitar.Joe is undoubtedly a talented guitarist who is making an effort to stamp his mark in the music industry

Enough of background info,now let’s dive into his latest instrumental cover ‘Get the Funk Out’ by Extreme.This song is the fourth track and second single from Extreme’s second studio album ‘Pornograffitti’.Joe has done a splendid job in creating this stunning masterpiece as his years of experience in the field and the versatility and the talent as professional guitarist must have immensely advocated him to make this cover a success.This instrumental track comes under the genres of Rock and funk.No wonder he has done a great job in creating an instrumental cover that is worthy of listening as the music perfectly syncs with the sound of the track.

For those of who are fans of Rock music this instrumental guitar cover by Joe Amir is music to your ears as he has done a great job in recreating a song in his own way adding fusions of rock and funk music.Joe has not given up his dream of becoming a renowned artist in the world of music and it’s very commendable of him to keep experimenting with different styles of music even though he has been in the music industry for a long period of time.