Hamilton Lake by Jennifer Terran

Jennifer Terran is an American singer,songwriter and pianist who is showcasing her versatility in different spheres of music. As a multifaceted artist, Jennifer produces music and she has established her own music label,’Grizelda Records’,on which she has produced five solo albums: Cruel,Rabbit,The musician,Live from Painted Cave and Full Moon in 3.Jennifer began to embrace the idea of making music as her life dream as she was inspired and moved by music at a very young age.Her journey started when she was a young girl performing on stage for talent shows in her school.She started writing music after she graduated from college and she played a bunch of shows in california as an indie artist and received recognition for her raw intensity,and her unique voice.

‘Hamilton Lake’ is her latest single and after analyzing the song it has characteristics of both contemporary folk music and romanticism.One of the key aspects of romanticism is ,it glorifies nature.The song title is named as ‘Hamilton Lake’, and I think it’s a metaphorical representation of the life story of the narrator.”All the ages all the phases’’ indicates the different phases of the narrator’s life and as humans we go through these phases in our lives and it is never ending as the flowing Hamilton Lake. The song evokes feelings of love and it has a melancholic tone as well.

The video of the song is very artistic though it doesn’t have a lot of things going on, and it’s very powerful and evocative.I haven’t given an in detail idea about the song as you are free to interpret the song your own way.The song is romantic, sensitive and soothing as Jennifer has done a splendid job by using her years of experience in the field and if she keeps on working hard creating stunning masterpieces like ‘Hamilton Lake’ her dream of becoming a renowned artist will come to fruition.