I Was Born by Travis Danny

Travis Danny, also known professionally as Black Leather Mafia, is a Bangladeshi-born music artist and record producer. He developed a love for music from an early age and began learning various musical instruments, especially drums and synthesizers. As a social enthusiast, Travis Danny was inspired by rhythmic dance and as a result, he started producing electronic music in 2013. He was heavily influenced by the progressive house boom of the time and began to sketch against that curve. In 2017, he debuted his first studio album ‘Infinite Spirit’ as an experiment with a genre-blending sound consisting of progressive house, big room, trance, tropical house, dubstep, retro 80’s vibe, etc.

From an exploratory point of view, Travis Danny began to branch out into other branches of music and worked behind the scenes with various artists in various genres other than hard EDM. His experience in drum programming, synthesis, mixing and mastering contributed to other musical genres and artists through collaborations. Finally, his long pent-up interest in the Hip-Hop genre was gradually revealed and thus prioritized his attention.

So today we are going to feature Travis Danny’s new single “I Was Born”. The track itself takes the classic hip hop sound, the mellow vibe, and a bit of vintage, hip hop-tinged influence and combines it with an incredibly energetic rap performance.

Music has cinematic energy. Although mild in nature, the impact is immense. A haunting yet catchy melody in between, intertwined with all this is the beauty of the lead vocals. Creativity is present in every moment – ​​instrumentation, mixing, production, lyrics, structure and of course vocal performance. The emotion in the artist’s voice is clear and consistent and powerful, whether it’s strong, almost whispered moments or big, soulful and striking.

What’s great is that while the song maintains the core elements of hip-hop and rap to attract the right kind of audience, to begin with, it offers something more intense; Fast-paced, and creatively independent, the performance features a great collection of lyrics and unquestionable character. This is by no means a negative – you’re more likely to listen again.