Jehovah is Your Name by Dr UD Obi

Indulge in a divine melody with “Jehovah is Your Name” by Dr. UD Obi, a soul-stirring gospel anthem that uplifts spirits and celebrates the unwavering love of the Almighty.

Dr. UD Obi’s heartfelt vocals and uplifting lyrics echo the praises of Jehovah, our unchangeable God, and His boundless blessings. As a dedicated singer-songwriter, Dr. UD’s passion for spreading the message of peace and love through music shines brightly in this inspiring composition.

With “Jehovah is Your Name,” Dr. UD Obi invites listeners to join in a chorus of gratitude and reverence, reminding us all of the omnipotent presence that guides and protects us.

So, immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of faith and melody as you bask in the divine essence of “Jehovah is Your Name” by Dr. UD Obi, a testament to the enduring power of worship and devotion.