Just Another by Chad Rubin

“Chad Rubin” is a creative musician like no other. His music is at once diverse and unique to a particular mindset; This means that the sound of each track, especially “Chad Rubin”, has a specific and definite sense of style and direction, but it incorporates many different and unusual elements.

Chad Rubin is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist musician from Scottsdale, Arizona. Chad began playing music at an early age with his family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chad Rubin’s latest single off his new album is titled, Feels. “Just Another” is about the ups and downs of love and lust. Featuring Chad and a girl he seems to keep chasing even tho he knows she’ll be calling eventually.

The soundscape isn’t the first thing that pops up, the solo speech performance is the first to come into focus. The language used, if it’s not your native language, doesn’t detract from the experience – the emotional intensity of the performance, the tone of the voice and the amazing atmospheric audio that follows, all direct your mind in a certain direction, and are sometimes more powerful than simply representing ideas through lyrics.

As a form of expression, it brings something fresh and new to the audience to experience and embrace. The opening few moments of the pop genre are played with skill and tenderness, setting the scene brilliantly. As the soundscape kicks in, the track’s dominant riff becomes prominent, and the whole thing develops into a new familiar and comforting piece of music.

The song somehow conveys a sense of poetry—if the music itself represents visual art without lyrics. The track appears briefly, the words are spoken, and the music calms down a bit to give space to the ideas and images the voice conveys, but this part alone will leave your mind wandering somewhere peaceful. The sound of this particular combination of instruments, and of course, that striking, steady riff, brings about a deeply thought-provoking piece of escapism.

As always, “Chad Rubin” has the experience and skills to play for days and days and never let you down. It’s always refreshing to listen to and a great reminder of the musicianship and creative drive that can be found and embraced in the world of independent music.