Keep Going by Jruew X JayK

“Keep Going” by Jruew ft. JayK is a hip-hop song. It’s one that has every ounce of edge and style you could hope to create a true escape for you as you listen.

It’s a great track, with amazing music, really creatively compiled to give a unique atmosphere, and then Jruew and JayK’s vocal performance and melody fill any space left around the sound with really great skill.

The way the track opens sets up a kind of summer dance or trance scene. The voice appears quickly, but it fits perfectly, and the atmosphere continues to grow and evolve. Instrumentally everything is fantastic, the production is top-notch, and the beat has a soft and almost tribal sound to it, so everything you can choose to focus on really shines brightly.

The song has an unusual concept, not so much the idea of ​​the previous composition, but the artist’s explanation of what it is to him. There’s an unexpected sweetness to the song – for the most part, the metaphorical feel is prevalent, but it works well in both cases. It’s really nice to hear something so open and honest, this kind of reflective and soft expression perfectly suits the acoustic background. The soundscape is great, its relaxed, gentle approach to music making is always a big draw, and as mentioned, the artist’s voice has the wonderful warmth and lilt of a person who lives well and experiences the world.

As for the lyrics, it’s a genuine few minutes of enjoyment in the music and melody, and the whole thing gets you in the head very effectively – the mellow nature of the music makes this a welcome experience, and well worth a listen. A fair few times. It’s a really good starting point for listening to Jruew and JayK in general. Sound reproduction, sounds very raw and honest. If you are indeed a fan of hip-hop music or rap, you can trust these artists to make the sound that you want to hear. Stay tuned with these amazing artists to witness many more amazing works in the near future.