Love’s the Only thing by Make a Joyful Noisee

Make a Joyful Noisee invites you to embrace the power of love with their latest gospel masterpiece, “Love’s the Only thing, that there’s Too Little of.” This soul-soothing track is a testament to the artist’s commitment to spreading the message of hope and redemption through the universal language of music.

As a gospel artist, Make a Joyful Noisee found their calling in July 2020, driven by a mission to bring comfort to a world steeped in pain. Their music, a fusion of originality and divine inspiration, transcends traditional boundaries, offering a unique twist to the gospel and Christian music scene.

Make a Joyful Noisee may not be a household name yet, but their impact is undeniable. With millions of streams across various platforms, this artist is making waves, delivering a fresh perspective to those seeking solace in the transformative power of love. Embrace the divine vibes and let Make a Joyful Noisee be the soundtrack to your spiritual journey.