Mice in Venice EP by MiceInVenice

Upcoming artist ‘Mice in Venice’ latest track “Mice in Venice EP” is a Lo-Fi,Trip hop song including four chapters ‘Hard to say’, ‘Best of ‘, ‘Friend’, and ‘Let’s talk’ respectively.The mellow beats and the elements of soul music makes the track dulcet and mellifluous.The song is a fusion of the genres Trip hop and Lo-Fi which is popular for its soothing retro vibes.

The track has four chapters and the first one is named ‘Hard to say’ which revolves around a heartbroken lover who is inexpressible.The second chapter is named as ‘Best of’ which has a different tone and vibe compared to the first one and it talks about how the narrator’s lover has become the best part of his/her life.The third chapter of the song named ‘Friends’ is about two friends who are craving for love.The final chapter of the song ‘Let’s talk’ is about getting to know about your lover in depth.Each chapter of the song is unique and has different tones to it which makes the track a whole new experience to the audience.

To sum up, ‘Mice in Venice’ has done a good job in creating this Lo-Fi,Trip hop song which is uniquely different yet mellifluous at the same time.What makes the track unique is the divergent chapters included in the song which has different meanings and tones to each one.The Lo-Fi music sets the perfect tone to the song as it creates atmospheric music which is evocative and pleasant.The track is surely a new experience for the audience and for those who are fans of Lo-Fi and Trip hop,I suggest all of you to check out this amazing song.