One Too Many by B3NNETT

“One Too Many” is the latest music video released by the popular artist B3NNETT. B3NNETT is specifically an electronic musician based in Toronto and LA. His latest release is actually a unique piece of work which awakens the nostalgia of the listeners. Consequently, it is a four minutes and six seconds music video that is absolutely intriguing.
“One too many” starts off with the amazing vocals by the singer, whispering the title of the song twice. Perhaps, the repetition of the title at the beginning of the song conveys that the singer is drowning in his memories and depicts his sorrowful situation to the audience.

The lyrics of the song are pretty amazing that they flow throughout the song as a story. The wordings are very much meaningful, simple and are addictive indeed and they help the listeners to easily comprehend what the singer is trying to convey. Thus, this beautiful flow of wordings creates a significant and a causal link between the vocals and the video throughout the song, depicting a story of navigating through a relationship after past hurt.

Moreover, “One too many” consists of a fantastic melody. From the beginning to the end of the music video, there is a pleasant melody that lifts the spirits of the listeners. The beat is also significant here. The strum of beats cooperating with the melody makes the song more pleasing. Thus, one could surely tell that this song is kind of a meditation which anyone could get addicted to. Further, the actions performed for the video is also something that should be highly admired. They denote the agony of the singer in a bewitching manner. Specially the storm which is displayed at the very first second of the song hints out the heartbreak to the spectators. So, It is clear that “One Too Many” by B3NNETT is indeed a lovely song.