Only Human by King.Kidd

“Only Human,” King.Kidd’s latest single, is a stirring reminder of our common humanity in a world that might feel cold and emotionless at times. The song, which combines elements of Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop, delves into the unfiltered ideas and feelings that make us who we are.

King.Kidd, originally from Dallas, Texas, is not your normal musician. She’s a poet who thinks about the world around her, and she loves the work of people like Jill Scott. She approaches music through her passion for narrative and writing, which gives her lyrics depth and meaning.

It’s not easy being human, and “Only Human” doesn’t sugarcoat that fact. The rapper King.Kidd once said, “People think that when you have a smile on your face, you haven’t been through shit…but I’m Only Human.” This song celebrates the power that comes from admitting our frailties and accepting the fact that we’re all only flesh and blood.

King.Kidd’s rise from short story author to influential musician is a testament to her skill and hard work. With smash hits like “Glue,” “Temptation,” “Pretty Smile,” and “Gravity” already under her belt, King.Kidd’s popularity is only rising higher, and “Only Human” is destined to be another landmark in her outstanding career.