Owrah by Refuge Hill

Introducing “Owrah” by Refuge Hill, a soul-stirring gospel anthem that transcends boundaries. Nestled in the heart of divine melody, Refuge Hill delivers a powerful testament through their latest masterpiece. This gifted ensemble crafts an ethereal soundscape that resonates with the soul.

Refuge Hill, the visionary artist behind “Owrah,” emanates from a place where passion and purpose converge. Their gospel roots run deep, creating an immersive experience for listeners seeking solace and inspiration. From the vibrant hills of their artistic expression, Refuge Hill invites you to join them on a transformative musical journey.

In “Owrah,” the spirit of gospel finds a new voice, weaving a tapestry of faith and rhythm. Let Refuge Hill’s compelling sound uplift your spirit and transport you to a realm where music meets divinity. Open your heart to “Owrah” and let the echoes of gospel rejuvenate your soul.