Paper Route by Crooks

This brand new single “Crown” creates a sensation of crazy wonder right from the first second. “Crooks”, The music envelops and absorbs you as any great piece tends to do, but this time; There’s an extra element of awesomeness, an extra element of emotive, fast and catchy magic that brings new energy to the soundscape. The beat is intense, the rhythm holding its pace as the sounds and ideas unfold around you.

Every sound that makes up the track is crafted with exquisite precision. The result is as described, but details only take you so far. Production, Mixing, Energy, Creativity; It all adds up to something beautiful, and in this particular instance there is no room for disappointment – ​​no room for mediocrity. If you come for hip hop, you’ll get everything you want and more. If you’re looking for something new, the same applies – you’re headed in the right direction. There’s a whole world of music and magic happening with this artist – head over to Crooks’s social media to find out all about the world of “Crooks” and the incredible artistic journey he has embarked on.

This particular track touches a lot on real life, talks about motivation and commitment to the cause, where you come from and what you’re about reality is a big part of it all, and when you combine it with those good vibes the music has embedded. The hook of this track is irresistibly catchy, the melody casts a spell over you, and once it’s in your head it stays forever – and will probably bring you back sooner rather than later. Crooks’s entire music catalog is impressive. Well worth checking out.