Play the Field by MA3ON

MA3ON is the hottest, newest artist coming out of the North East. Only seriously dropping music at the start of this summer, he has evolved and gained more and more fans with each song. His latest video for “Play the Field” is his best yet, and a great introduction to MA3ON as he prepares to drop his debut mixtape.

You can tell from the beginning that this song is something special from the infectious hook and melody. Intense bass and drums create a powerful soundscape, while MA3ON’s voice calls to your attention. He delivers his verses with power and flair and the production supports his delivery perfectly. The tune is catchy and keeps the listeners hooked and the lyrics are clever and insightful.

The concept implied by the title and indeed many of the lyrics, the repetition, the haunting background, the passion in the vocals and the instrumental. The music is constructed in a simple way, the instrumentation has a soft but heavy output, and it all comes down to the effective lyrics that allow you to focus on the words and ideas presented here. This is where you learn about the drive, emotions and backgrounds behind the song that led to the writing and recording of a song.

The lyrics are kept to a minimum, and the hook is the main thing you take away from the whole thing – the simplicity is very effective. The backing track takes on an industrial-sounding tune, with some summer-time synth sounds stirring in, as things progress.

The way the music builds and intensifies is clever, it allows you to see the evolution through emotion and instrumentation, but it does so in a way that somehow maintains that initial sense of euphoria, of serenity. It’s fun throughout, and there’s the consistent variation; There’s no point where things get boring. The thickness of the tune and the beauty of that dominant riff are threading throughout. The track lets you join in with it, but carries you through those moments with confidence. It’s energy worth shouting about, and the upcoming mixtape is definitely one to look forward to.