So Good by Idowu Eyin

Idowu Eyin has truly gathered a talented artist for this soulful track, “So Good”. With years of experience as a gospel musician, Idowu Eyin’s connection to music shines through in this heartfelt production. The music is a perfect balance between ethereal synths, up-front rhythms, and alluring keys, contrasted by the organic force of the tenor saxophone, rhythmic guitar & vocals in Swahili.

“So Good” is exceptionally relevant to contemporary Afro-gospel, but its several layers of personality and power also elevate the music above many of its peers.

Starting with a fast-paced catchy Afro-gospel beat and progressing to a soundscape that builds brilliantly to envelop the listener in an ambient and contemplative few minutes of escapism. The song is really well produced, mixed with hints of unusual music throughout a unique Afro-gospel-inspired beat – simple words that demand attention in a peaceful yet bold way.

Whether spoken or sung, this moment works effectively, adding little layers of drama while staying true to the original goal of motivation and stand-up. Idowu Eyin’s vocal tone, relaxed yet confident delivery and storytelling style is familiar, recognizable and unique to her work. And the detail and insight and honesty on offer here match the careful, ambient escapism of many soundscapes. There are as many moments of quiet reflection as there are songs, electrifying colour and hope.

However, the performance, in keeping with her personality, is hypnotic in a natural and almost effortless way. Everything from the near secret to the unabashed spirit adds dimension to an already intriguing and soothing piece of music and performance.

A clear sense of intense artistry and intent is evident from start to finish. Only the most essential lines and subtleties are used, and “So Good” works effectively for all these reasons.