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20 Deep

by Jaguilera
20 Deep

Jaguilera is a Rap/Hiphop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. He flows and creativity sets him apart from competition.He has said ‘ My name is Jaguilera. I am 21 years old coming out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I chose music because my entire life I wanted to find a way out, a way to express my true feelings in a way that everyone could understand. I found that in music. To me, music is a form of art; it allows me to express every emotion and every expression. My childhood has never been easy. My parents migrated from Cuba to Spain and I was born there, later at 11 years old I migrated to the United States. My life has never been stable, my family and I were always moving around, and we never had a real home. I experienced a lot of ups and downs in my life, and with music it allows me to let go. I make music because I want my audience to understand my story, along with me understanding theirs. I write and record music to be able to bring positivity and a bright energy into the world. At first, music was just a hobby. It was an escape route to get away from my depression. I realized that it brought me peace. Ever since September of 2017, I realized that this is something I want to pursue. It has become my dream. This will be a long journey, with a lot of bumps on the road. But I know I am meant for this, so it will happen for me. I am a very hard worker to achieve what I want. Music is my road to success and I will not stop driving on it until I reach my destination.

Artist: Jaguilera

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