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Aesthetic Bliss

by Franco Aurelio
Aesthetic Bliss

Franco Aurelio tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days.His latest track, Aesthetic Bliss is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. Franco Aurelio mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe. Franco Aurelio was born in Burke, He said “VA.Hey, I’m Franco! I’ve been making music for quite some time now and I want to use my music to provide more light in our world. Nowadays, there’s a lot of music that’s promoting the wrong things like toxic relationships or immoral behavior with sad tones and melodies, so I just want to bring in some stuff you can dance to while singing the beauty of love. I’ve also been doing my best to keep my music clean so you can show your family and have a fun time with them or alone if you’d like. I really hope my music brings you joy and happiness as I understand that life can get pretty rough sometimes.I’m 20 years old, but when I was a kid I would see my dad off at the airport for the one time I got to see him annually since my parents are divorced and I would always cry when I had to part ways again. My mother always comforted me, but I was still very upset and what helped cheered me up was a portable video player that I could watch movies on. That usually made me stop crying. Later when I got older, movies still cheered me up, but I noticed that music made me feel way more alive which I’m sure some can relate to. I realized that entertainment was one of the best medicines I could give my heart and that’s when I began to create videos and music so I could provide more of that in hopes that if there’s anyone like my younger self out there, they could hear my music or see my videos and get cheered up making their day a bit brighter. I’ve always had a hunger for perfection which I’m grateful to have so I can keep improving my music through time and keep delivering more enjoyable pieces to the world. There’s a lot more to my story, but my mission is the first thing I want to tell and I’m also running out of available characters that I can type in here haha.Discipline, ambition, high energy, and focus are some of the crucial things I strive to maintain every day so I may be of service to God and my community. We’ve been placed on Earth to enjoy life and help one another, so I hope that my music is to your satisfaction and much more! “

Aesthetic Bliss
Artist: Franco Aurelio

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