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Ain’t set the time on the rolee

by AKA Streetz

AKA Streetz is a promising young rapper from a neighborhood called Smashville on the Southside of Chicago. Bright, creative and fearless, this rising newcomer narrates his reality of life on the streets and the trials and tribulations of survival.

The track “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” showcases his natural ability as a rapper and lyricist. Confidently coasting over the track with an impressive flow and catchy lyrics, it’s easy to see why “speak of the devil” has reached over 60k streams on Spotify.

Growing up on Chicago’s Southside, gang-life & violence played a normal part of everyday life, his Father left when he was 8, leaving him without a male-role model.
His Mother raised him and his older sister single-handily with the help of their grandparents enplanting in him principles of strength & faith with the belief that anything is possible.

Rap & Baseball became a major influence in his life and he pursued both with exuberance, eventually walking away from Baseball on a partial scholarship from being overwhelmed on a number 1 in the nation team, not to mention being the only black person on the team. So from there he started placing all his energy into music, writing and performing live and entering showcases such as “Coast 2 Coast, A3C & many more.

“Surviving in a city with death all around me” doing what was needed to be done to survive, whilst seeking the endurance to push through the adversity, music helped him to do that.

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