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Alamogordo Alibi

by Scooter pietsch
Alamogordo Alibi

Scooter Pietsch released his new single sound track called ALAMOGORDO ALIBI. It is full of guitars, drums,organs and swampy-ass herbs and spices. as well as it is tributes for his hometown of Alamogordo,New mexico.

When the soundtrack begins, we can listen to electronic guitar sounds and drums. The sound track is not sharped, but has some powerful,strength thing. The track is loaded with rhythmical vibes and so it is enjoyable to listen. But more than this ,it gives listeners to a unique artist. This awesome soul always wants to do something unique in the music industry.

Scooter Pietsch (pronounced peach) is a playwright, Emmy-nominated composer/song writer,novelist and TV producer. He is a multi-talented person. He made more creations. Although he is self-employed, more people are supporting his work around him.

As a composer,the theme music,scooter’s underscores and songs have appeared in most TV series and a lot of episodes and movies. And also he is a writer as well as professionally.

Again if we talk about the soundtrack of ALAMOGORDO ALIBI i have no words to explain about it. Definitely if you listen to the track and you can enjoy it. It is worth listening to.

Scooter pietsch
Artist: Scooter pietsch

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