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Andrew’s Song

by Horgan

David Horgan has the ability to present such a highly successful design in a very popular way. Because he didn’t dwell on the same style he studied other music genres well and the knowledge gained from it inspired him to create such innovations.

David Horgan is a popular upcoming artist these days. He released his latest single called “Andrew’s song”. This song is creative and we can feel it, not only that he made tracks with mellow vibes and calming rhythm. All the track’s rhythm is perfectly combined with music. That musical instrument assortment is perfect. Not everyone can create a soulful track like this. It requires good patience as well as attention and the ability to hone one’s skills to create like this. David Horgan is an artist who has unique and powerful vocal strength and also he has a thirst to make different kinds of music tracks. . He has done so many singles such as For the last time, Finally, Memory Roll.

David Horgan is a Producer of music videos for popular Will Smith, LL Cool J, Mark Wahlberg and New Kids on The Block. And also he is an AMA Medical award winning writer and producer of patient education films. As well as he is a talented and famous Media Director for 30 winning political TV campaigns including Congressman Richard Neal. Horgan PR work has been featured in national and international media as a Member of The Author’s Guild.

He has learned the biggest lesson in the past 30 years: we should all remain focused on utilizing our skills while letting others provide theirs. As a filmmaker he understood the dynamic of creations. He always tries to present his song very fairly.

Artist: Horgan

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