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Back In The City

by Jun Skeleto
Back In The City

With his talents, Jun Skeleto demonstrates a clear command to create an environment and moment, both musically and verbally. “Back In The City” immediately introduces such an innovation, gradually establishing a current and uplifting atmosphere around its listeners.

Jun Skeleto continues to be more and more deliberately lyrical from the beginning, thanks to his creative lyricism and you will be significantly impressed in the second half by discovering his flow and purpose with this track. On top of the music, Jun Skeleto’s voice is full of personality – his tone, relaxed delivery style and even his words show a desire to entertain and write.

Jun Skeleto is a 24-year-old Chicago-based artist who expresses his pain about Xanax. It is never easy for a family member to become addicted to drugs and there is no right way to deal with it. Jun used the music to his advantage, explaining how he felt about the death of his cousin, and overall this song was excellent. His flow is smooth and the tone is very good as if he had made it for it.

This latest release from Jun Skeleto of Hip Hop clearly combines a smooth track with a rough and rhythmic voice. The soundtrack immediately draws your attention, and the sharp, translucent finish blends beautifully. Similarly, there is a different atmosphere of origin in the synths and samples that arise from time to time throughout the track.

“Back In The City” is an unmistakable record that is both fresh and raw, uncompromising, honest, clever, and driven. It is a visually appealing ensemble with polished visuals and plenty of attitudes. The vocal workouts alone have taken a short time to create and orchestrate since “Back In The City” is clearly done. It is impressive, but sometimes it says some deep things about life.

This upcoming underground rapper has pure talent, and we should support this star to shine in this field.

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