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Baggage That I’m Draggin’

by William Delray Floyd
WIlliam Delray Floyd (4)

Baggage That I’m Draggin’ is one of William Delray Floyd’s songs. His vocals are especially amazing. When he sings, it is interesting to hear. Lyrics are fabulous because this artist is well experienced.William Delray Floyd is a songwriter,lyricist and recording artist who loves the blues. But freely moves to country, jazz, folk,reggae,rock and sometimes he throws a little classical into the mix. He arranges everything interesting and he uses unexpected instruments for his creation.All of his songs’ instrument sounds are interesting to hear. And the melody is perfect. Most people are gathered around him, because they love his creations. Not only that but also most people follow him and listen to his latest music track when they are released. If you wanna be his fan and listen to his music, stay with spotify.

WIlliam Delray Floyd (4)
Artist: William Delray Floyd

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