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Black Bag

by Coty Martez

Coty Martez
“Music speaks to the many different things that we go through in our every day lives
such as love, heartbreak and joy. My goal is to give listeners a song to get them
through or to help celebrate all those moments in life,” echoes the incredibly talented
vocalist, songwriter and artist, Coty Martez. Currently located in Miami, Florida the r&b/
pop singer has been channeling his energy into creating and sharing a one of kind
sound that is a rarity in today’s modern music landscape.
Having held a deep connection with music since the age of seven years old, Coty
Martez carries with him a warm, authentic and inviting sound within each song he
sings. It’s this tone that has a mesmerizing style attached to it, which can be
experienced first hand in his upcoming release, “Millionaire.” Citing influences such as
Al Green, Michael Jackson, Tank and P. Diddy – Coty Martez blends a variety of genres
into one and creates a unique and remarkable atmosphere unlike anything else.
When he isn’t busy perfecting his signature style, fans can find Coty Martez running the
well known record label, Dream Starr Music Group. Within every aspect of his life, Coty
Martez finds a way to incorporate his true love and dedication for music and share it
with those around him. He is an artist to pay close attention to as he continues to grow
his career and capture the attention of audiences from around the world.

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