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Blessed Up

by TheJNatsy
Blessed Up

Blessed Up from TheJNatsy is a next level hip hop song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. TheJNatsy is based in Oxnard.Local Underground Artist Oxnard Hype 2020! Yessir! Inquiries: [email protected] All socials: @thejnasty Who is TheJNasty? JNasty grew up as a surfer kid in Oxnard, CA. Bound to the Beach. When he met Yung Ty, everything changed. JNasty had thrown down some bunk freestyles back in the day but nothing like Yung Ty, J was impressed and motivated. He set out to record, produce, and drop a track, which came after started his career. Charlie Sheen was dropped May 1, 2019 on popular music discovery app, SoundCloud. The support that came in from friends was undoubtedly the kickstart that was needed. People around the school knew Justin Russell as JNasty. This guy had unseen talent and potential the rest of the world could never have prepared for. Bouncy intricate flow and undeniable charisma is what sets JNasty Apart. Remaining Versatile on beats, Party! (Feat. Kid Jeremy) was the first track to hit over 10k plays on Spotify. Now it’s a ritual. JNasty’s journey has really just begun, and what’s to come is only a mystery, but one worth solving.

Artist: TheJNatsy

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