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Bloody Bride

Bloody Bride (2)

BRIDEAR released their latest popular music track called ‘Bloody Bride’. The song’s electric guitar sound is more powerful not only that but also the drum sound. It has a killer beat. That rhythm from the beginning to the end is a perfect combination, but in the middle of the song they took our rhythm for a while. BRIDEAR joined a UK based label named SETSUZOKU RECORDS in 2021. ‘Bloody Bride’ the band’s new album will be their first official international release.

BRIDEAR is a heavy metal band of five members formed in Fukuoka, Japan. Special thing is that all the members are girls. The members are KIMI(Vo), MISAKI(Gt), AYUMI(Gt), HARU(Ba), NATSUMI(Ds).

They play heavy metal and power metal with catchy melodies as well as good performance. Firstly, they started to show their talent locally. After that they became popular and they performed nationwide. And also they traveled to many countries to show their talents and set their sights on the global stage. They perform in 11 countries and 50 performances. That is the greatest thing they ever won. They won millions of people’s hearts around the world.

Then BRIDEAR confirmed their status as a popular band in Europe. BRIDEAR is one of the few girl rock bands in japan. Heavy metal fans support them in Japan and abroad. BRIDEAR started to attract attention in Japan , and they did solo concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. People fall in love with them, nobody can’t stop them, because they won fans’ love.

So if you want to listen to their new album ‘Bloody Bride’ , stay with Spotify. When they release their latest songs You can listen to them.

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