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Body Talk

by Zarenae
Body Talk (4)

Zarenae is Southern California based pop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style.Her flow and creativity set her apart from competition. Zarenae is a fast rising singer/songwriter, born and raised in sunny Southern California. The young artist made her debut in 2020 with a faithful cover of Madonna’s Pop classic “True Blue.” With that track we were introduced to a talented singer with a versatile voice and a knack for expertly delivering a legendary Pop hook. Now she’s back with a smash that will make the world want to dance on her new song “Body Talk”. She shines in a real way on this amazing record with a digestible, that fans everywhere can vibe to for every second. The vocals ride the beat perfectly, and let her presence be felt with enjoyable lyrics that helps sell the song to the fullest, as well as showcase her star presence that shines bright in it’s finest hour. Zarenae released her third original single, “Bésame,” which went live across all streaming platforms October 29th. Being half Latina, Zarenae created Bésame as an opportunity to get to connect with her family heritage. It’s the perfect mix between Spanish and English, giving us another fun danceable song! Zarenae stands out in today’s industry with the messages she shares with her audience. Zarenae stated in a recent interview, “I want to create music that spreads fun and positive vibes, that will make people forget about the past and live in the moment. My goal, whether it’s in a 3-minute song or a two-hour set, is to help people forget everything going on around them, so they can have fun and dance!

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