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Bring Us Together

by Jeremiah Broken
Bring Us Together

Jeremiah Broken is a novice artist from the US, and his latest song ‘Bring Us Together’ is a soulful song that holds a powerful message about the importance of unity and harmony among the people of different races. The song also features the talented duo, Adrian Smith and Big Shank. Adding color to the song by their stunning performance along with Jeremiah. These three are the perfect trio for the song as their voices are unique to each other and it just embellishes the song as everything in the song (the tone, voice, music and the sound) just blends perfectly together by creating a beautiful masterpiece.

I love the fact that Jeremiah, being a white person, has featured two artists of color in order to represent how the world would be a better and a beautiful place to live if there was no hatred between the two races. The song is not rocket science, as it’s very simple, but it has a compelling and a powerful message of bringing the black and the white together.

Colourism also known as color bar is one of the key aspects highlighted in the song and the title of the song ‘Bring Us Together’ is apt as the essence of the song is to bring the both races together. The song doesn’t come under a specific genre as it has elements of different genres altogether Racism, colorism, and the importance of unity are the major concepts highlighted in this beautiful song. Jeremiah’s work as as upcoming artist is commendable as he is trying to make an impact in the music industry by bringing the spiritual teachings and messages of Lord Jesus to create more sensible songs in an era where senseless songs are rather dominating, His purpose is to influence and change the way people think in a positive way bringing hope to everyone of creating a better future together.

Jeremiah Broken
Artist: Jeremiah Broken

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