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By My Side

By My Side

This latest release, “By My Side” by MOE MOKS is one we’ve been highly anticipating. The feeling given off even just by the opening few moments of sound is intense and captivating. The precise nature of the production is creative and detailed, to the point that you’re completely drawn in by the effect of it – it’s magnetic and ever impressive to experience. “MOE MOKS” is an Afrosoul rapper and singer from Lagos, Nigeria. Coming to America as a refugee, Moe found his love for music in Houston Texas. With his mix of African and American influences, Moe makes music that you will surely vibe to.

The use of melody in the lyrics is a big part of what makes his sound unique. The vocal performances here have an Afrosoul vibe, giving listeners a good chance to clearly and concisely grasp the meaning behind the lyrics and music and feel a little closer.

As a whole the track doesn’t come across as your typical heavy dance recording, there is a strong presence of lyricism at times – lyrical first, perhaps, as opposed to instrumental heavy. Everything that is added then comes forward to enhance and support each musician’s role in the sound, the underlying concept, and the underlying energy and emotion of the piece. During the lyrics the melody flows around in a simple and hypnotic way, then this brilliant build-up adds vocals in the background, and the musical intensity starts to rise. and also with his smooth vocal tone, we can feel the song very well.

“By My Side” is a beautiful and light upbeat track. Its energy matches well with the current season, and it’s a song you can count on to lift you up a bit when you need it. It doesn’t feel like a soppy, overly personal lyric, and it’s accessible and relatable to anyone who has experienced the joy of falling in love. Worth to listen to the MOE MOKS’ new release ‘By My Side’.

Artist: MOE MOKS

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