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Calling Out

by Lotus Shaker
Calling Out

Popular rock and roll band called ‘Lotus Shaker’ released their new music song “Calling Out”. It is an amazing rock song with a killer beat. The guitar playing is superb, clean guitar work, and melodically alluring. When the song begins it starts peacefully and after that it goes high notes step by step. And always love the beat, it is enjoyable. This creation is an impressive work of art that is well worth your time to listen to. It is a dreamy production with a colorful, melodically creative aura of lotus shaker’s.

‘Lotus Shaker’ beginning in 2017. They show their talents at major venues and festivals. Featuring sonic celestial, Brittany Langford and guitar phenom, Dan Chisholm. Lotus Shaker is a collective of talented musicians in an adventurous rock sound reaching new levels. Not only that, they are incredible artists with so much talent and originality.

“Calling Out” sung by Brittany Langford. Her voice is suitable for this rock song very well. She is a Canadian singer and lyricist for Kingston ON band, Lotus Shaker.Throughout the years she loves and her passion is performing on stage. Such as Singing,acting and ballet. But singing is her love and passion. After graduating from the Music and Digital Media program in Kingston, Brittany and her husband Dan have been performing countless gigs and they won people’s love. Dan is a guitarist for lotus shaker. They will do some unique and creative things to the music industry.

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