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Can’t Feel My Face

by Bradley Scott
Cant Feel My Face

Here we go with the recently released cover of the weekend’s song “I can’t feel my face” by the talented and upcoming vocalist Bradley Scott, while the music composition and mix is done by the famous ‘Klap Tools’, which is a group of professional musicians. Bradley Scotts brings out his skills in pop music through this latest piece of music. It is a two minutes and forty two seconds song that awakens the listeners’ interest in pop music. Thus, after listening to this adorable music piece, you will be clear with the fact that Bradley Scotts is obviously one of the indispensable artists and a vocalist in the pop music industry.

Consequently, the song initiates with a line of whispers that the singer makes using more than a few sets of words. These words are actually passed on in a very low tone and a very low voice and it gives a very good and a much unique start to the song. These words being uttered in a rhythmic pattern, while connecting with the tune is a special feature here. Further, the sudden shift of low voice to an increased voice towards the middle of the song, adds more color to the song. Perhaps, the stream of music blends beautifully at this point with the raised vocals of the vocalist and it highlights the wordings “Don’t Worry” elevating the curiosity of the listeners.

Moreover, towards the end of the song, a high tone is produced by the vocalist and it perfectly blends with a superb melody and a beat. It stimulates the passion of the listeners towards pop music style and accelerates the energy levels of the listeners in an exciting way. Thus, the song ends with a lot of power. So, if you want to boost up your energy levels, listen to this powerful piece of music by now itself.

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