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by The Velvicks

ChaChaCha from The Velvicks is a next level Rock song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voices of the artists and the unique melody. The Velvicks is based in NEw York.NYC-based rockers The Velvicks share a new single, “ChaChaCha,” an uptempo rock n roll anthem with a cinematic flair. The song tells the story of a young troubled woman who flees from her responsibilities in Mexico City in search of a new beginning, only to find you can never escape yourself. ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’ She creates a whole new set of problems on the other side of the border. The Velvicks share: “This song is a take on how everyone is the main player in creating their own problems, whether it’s self-sabotaging one’s goals or fear of moving forward, or avoiding confrontation; only to realize that problems pile up quickly, especially with the abuse of alcohol and illegal substances.” Featuring Foo Fighters-esque guitar solos, high energy Strokes-esque percussion, and frontman Vick Nader’s signature powerhouse vocals, “ChaChaCha” epitomizes what The Velvicks do best: write a damn good rock n roll anthem. Get your groove on and cha cha cha the night away.

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