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by Joe Sciacca

Joe Sciacca is an Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. His flow and creativity set him apart from competition. February 2021 – Recording artist and songwriter Joe Sciacca is a talented performer who creates one-of-a-kind songs, inspired by a wide variety of genres and ideas. On one hand, his tracks are melodic and pleasingly appealing. On the other, there is a raw, immediate twist to his music that makes it all the more emotional and intriguing. This is definitely the case of his most recent release, a remixed version of the song “Change,” curated by Flosik. The song has been released with a matching music video, which opens up to a beautiful cityscape, creating a moody, dark and haunting atmosphere that matches the intensity of the song. The track kicks off with a lush introductory pad. The sound is blissful and atmospheric, with a truly cinematic feel to it. The background ambiance really enables the listeners to get into the right frame of mind, connecting with the song and lyrics on a deeper level. Soon after, a massive kick drum pattern hits big, giving the song a huge pulse. The vocals have a nice saturated effect, cutting through the mix quite beautifully. There is something about the intimacy of the verse that makes me think about bands such as The Killers or Francis Moon, but then again, the track has a bit more of an electronic vibe in this remix.

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