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Cherry Red

by Axis Neptune

Axis Neptune is a project created by Josh Cotterill, a multi-instrumentalist from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. His music is heavily inspired by soul, jazz, indie, and synth pop, creating dream pop, falsetto-driven songs with live instruments and deep grooves. 
 Josh learnt to play guitar at a very young age, being heavily influenced by his father – a rock guitarist, and becoming obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante. 
 In his early teens, during the indie-wave of the mid-2000s, he performed with several indie bands in Scarborough and York. In his later teens he began to perform with soul and RnB groups while experimenting with electronic styles. 
 After graduating from university he focused even more on creating his own music and studying languages in his spare time. 
 Axis Neptune has spent the last five months locked away in his room creating his debut record. Cherry Red is the debut single from this record.

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Artist: Axis Neptune

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