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Clap It Off

by Lita Colon

Nippon Art has existed since 1985, with slightly different crews.
The first one was:

Anders G Offenberg Jr: Guitar and vocal
Harald Johnsrud: Keyboard
Kjetil Farmer: Bass
Arild Otto Nyquist: Drums

Arild went late to play the percussion when Aage Schou took over the drums.
During this period, Nippon Art was further enhanced by Elisabeth Moberg, Eli Tubås and Britt Håland. The latter was later replaced by Anne Hoseth, who also played the keyboard. Ronny Løvås eventually went on to percussion.

In the nineties, Nippon Art consisted of Anders and Harald as well as Mange Frydenlund on bass, Thomas Lyngås Drums, which was eventually replaced with Steffen Kjær, while Dag Årestrup joined Guitar. The group was for a time associated with Gunnar Eide and did studio productions aimed at record release with David Eriksen behind the levers.

The artist put another step forward in his music career with the indie Rock “Pain”. This song ignites dull remorse in the listener’s heart with stir emotions. The sensible lyrics, fast rhythm in this song move with the emotively modulated vocals giving a feeling of sitting in a high-speed car when someone is moody.

Artist: Lita Colon

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