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Cold Heart

by Just Jimi
Cold Heart

Just Jimi is a hip hop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style.His flow and creativity set him apart from competition.Just Jimi is an independent recording artist from the United States. He’s known for his distinct genre bending style.Just Jimi is an independent recording artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His musical influences consist of Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, XXXTentacion, Paramore and a list of others. He explains his music as being ¨visceral¨, ¨I don´t know I think the most important part of my music making process is trying to find the words to the feelings that all of us as human beings have felt. or will feel at some point in life.¨ With records like ¨Killing Me Softly¨ it’s clear to see he has that part of the process down. Though his catalog is on the small side with a total of one album and one EP and a handful of singles, it goes without saying that none of his workings lack in substance. After taking a listen to what he has to offer its clear to see this is a artist that shows great promise.

Just Jimi
Artist: Just Jimi

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