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Da Moment

by Antwon Da Don

Antwon Da Don is a Bronx native, who was separated from his mother and was brought up by his Aunt in New Rochelle, New York. Antwon Da Don has utilized writing and rap as a form of expression and as an outlet to the realities and obstacles that he has faced in life. While honing in on his skills as a traditional old school Boom Bap writer; Da Don has often stepped out of his comfort zone and released experimental music. Like it or Love it, music is a toy that A.D.D has played with and has made his own artistic style that does not mimic anyone else. This style has been percolating for over a decade and a half and we are now finally getting to Antwon’s final cook up.

Antwon Da Don is starting to buzz and listeners are starting to tune in. Antwon Da Don has multiple releases out now ranging from the boom bap anti new school “HipHopTikTok” to the experimental “SEXO” to the latinUrban Song “CHA” to the story telling “A.A.”. As the acronym A.D.D suggests, any sub genre of hip-hop is possible for this unique artist because he simply sees beauty in all the different forms Rap has manifested over the years. Get the word on the street that true New York Rap is back, it has been here, and it’s not going anywhere! Stay tuned in and enjoy the music

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