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Die Alone

by VeXxXx

VeXxXx is a 21 year old Rapper & Singer from England Coventry, starting at 19 years old in July 2019 making 3 albums Al0ne in the Darkne55 , Falling Into Uncertainty and 
.A B a N D O N y O U R B E L I E F S. B E L I E V E I N y O U R S E L F.. VeXxXx also nicknamed “Vexi” or his birth name James is mostly associated with talented artists like Gooside , Khalifa Dreads, VVNi Official, Gingerobito and many more. VeXxXx motivation to make music is not just because it’s his passion but he also does music to be a voice for the voiceless hoping that people can relate to his music and help guide them through whatever they’re dealing with.

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