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Protestsound released their one of the best songs showcasing their potential in an incredible way with their newest single “Dresscode”. Indeed, on this new single, Protestsound have eliminated themselves of their pop-punk roots and delivered the kind of Pop Punk Rock that is reminiscent of Blink-182s early years. Songs like “Dresscode ” are quite amazing, delivering the listeners with a strong nostalgia that sinks too deeply in. Lyrically, the artist’s tone is soulful yet light-hearted; in the typical pop punk style, this track is story driven, penetrating the surface. Amazing punk pop and rock features are finely blended in this track “Dresscode”, on which the chorus smacks of the pop-punk style that Protestsound set the powerful groundwork for their promising future in the industry.

This song has a welcome modification of tone giving unique thoughts through the lyrics until the end of the song. “Dresscode” is a spirited song that makes it hard to escape the feeling that it is an overall stunning piece of work. That cohesion may not be for everyone, however, as a lot is going on in the song. There are plenty of different sounds, harmonies and genres at work, and while they finely fit together, they always fuse seamlessly, making for a remarkably vibrating and delightful listen. Undoubtedly, this song will be one of the coolest songs for those who are dying to listen to top-rated music.

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