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End of Time

by Lady Ni’cole
End of Time

Morgan Tisby is professionally known as “Lady Ni’cole”. She was born and raised in South, Ga. but she now resides in florida. She always grew up singing since she was a little girl. She had the ability to sing in her childhood. Day by day she brushed up her talent and released her own songs.

He grew up with a wide variety of vocal range, he has creative writing skills and the delivery of storytelling lyrics. Lady Ni’cole is a R&B, Pop, and Hip hop singer and songwriter, and also performer that emerged in 2020. After she moved to Florida where she is eager to carve a new pathway for a new style of music.

A dream come true with a melodic effect, Lady Ni’cole’s “End Of Time” completes the smooth RnB voice and uplifting rhythms across this latest track. With her varied vocal range, she shows her pure talent to the world. As a female vocalist, she is amazing. She worked together with a number of well known artists. The knowledge and experience gained from them gave her the strength to go further in her journey.

“End Of Time” is her new single release. Her voice is mellow and she enjoys herself when she sings. From the beginning to end of the song, she sings her sweet voice perfectly the high and low of the song. Following the natural rhythm of the soundtrack, it’s wonderful to introduce new rhythms, rhythms, and self vocal lines, and to blend hip hop tones with RnB – inspired long-line lyrics.

Especially with regard to creative freedom and music, and the unexpectedly expanding and expanding track, the “End Of Time” standard RnB setting is invigorating. “Lady Ni’cole” made many creations, such as ‘Put it on me’, ‘Lover or Friend’ and ‘You & Me’. She will do creative works for the music industry and she will revolutionize this industry.

Lady Ni’cole
Artist: Lady Ni’cole

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