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Eternal Love

by Eric Siebert
Eternal Love

Eric Siebert is Berlin (Germany) based electronic Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. His flow and creativity set him apart from competition. Eric Siebert was born in Berlin (Germany).Combining the high energy productions of an EDM producer with the intricate melodies of a singer/songwriter, Eric Siebert is emerging as a promising new talent in international music. Born and raised in Berlin, he incorporates elements of hip-hop, house and pop into his electronic style, creating a sound that is unlike anything else. Now, with the release of his debut album “THIS IS MY SOUND,” Eric is set to connect with like-minded fans around the world.While Eric’s tracks are perfectly suited for a packed dance floor, a good pair of headphones reveals the detailed arrangements and clever messages that truly define his music. Recorded with friends and inspirational artists from around the world, his tracks are a fusion of analog and digital technology, with saxophones, string sections, and guitars finding perfect harmony with heavy, electronic beats.Eric describes his productions as “electronic music with relevance.” His tracks occasionally delve into social commentary, bringing a unique perspective to the issues facing modern society. Other times, he shows a sense of humor, with ironic and self-deprecating takes. Regardless of the message, however, his tracks are always as thoughtful as they are danceable.“THIS IS MY SOUND” is a perfect encapsulation of what makes Eric special. From the glitchy and lyrical opener “Curtain” to the atmospheric exploration of “My Purpose,” every track takes on a life of its own. Eric’s unique vision is sure to appeal to fans all over, and with new releases expected in 2021 and beyond, he is poised to be a fixture in electronic music for years to come.

Eric Siebert
Artist: Eric Siebert

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