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by AlJacques

“AlJacques is a 16 year old Indianapolis born artist that grew up very fond of a wide variety of music. His father introduced him to rock and pop from the decades past and his mother showed him her passions with the guitar and the piano.

AlJacques learned to play the ukulele when he was 10 years old. Soon thereafter, he took up more interest in other musical instruments, including the violin, which he learned to play at school, and has incorporated into his own compositions.

He was introduced to Hip-Hop through friends and eventually learned more about the styles and culture. His preferences for the sub genres of Emo Rap, Melodic Rap, R&B, etc. influenced his own personal style. At first, he would merely have fun freestyling over beats. He is now releasing his music to make a personal contribution to the most prominent music genre of his life”

Artist: AlJacques

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