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by Joe Amir

Today we are featuring Joe Amir’s newest Electric Guitar cover of “Faded”. This was a popular song originally by Alan Walker. Joe Amir has excellently played the guitar covering both vocals and music parts with his guitar, showing off his advanced level skills that will blow away the listener.

Joe Amir Is a Rock guitar player with over 30 years of experience. He was playing on many stages with original music bands and Cover / Tribute bands. He is clever at Instrumental rock electric guitar solo covers for classic and popular songs, Guitar shreds, and guitar slow melodic emotional solos. He is recording with many artists, Teaching guitar, and recording his own instrumental album “Flying into the sunset” which features progressive rock metal guitar. With solos and techniques, and a few blues melodic emotional ballads, Joe Amir is an #1 award-winning Guitar Player (1994) In the state of Israel where he is originally from. Now he has been living in Los Angeles California Since 1998.

In his new cover “Faded”, this product has a chemical balance of passion and precision in performance, allowing it to be linked to this individual’s natural warmth and uplifting power. In short, it’s a brilliant cover, complete with electronic guitar tunes and a full-throttle organic electronic setting, to a crisp and contemporary standard. Give it a high volume and see if you don’t feel refreshed instantly.

When the arrangement is activated the excitement grows and the layers thicken to surround the listener. Throughout the second verse, there is even a brief shift to uncertainty, adding to the elegance of the setting and skillfully re-engaging you with the opposite to elevate it in the next play. In its highs and lows, it can be beautifully intriguing, intriguingly honest and conceptually approachable. Joe Amir is an expert in guitar playing. It’s always a pleasure to plunge into something new.

Joes Guitar
Artist: Joe Amir

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