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Free to Love

by BlackLight
Free to Love

Black Light is an upcoming electronic dance music producer, songwriter, and performer based out of Omaha, Nebraska who has an insatiable passion for creating and performing all types of electronic dance music. BlackLight is an avid dancer and lover of good vibes, and approaches songwriting, producing, and performing from this perspective. The artist does his best to deliver good feels, good vibes, PLUR (Peace Love Unity & Respect) vibes, and dance-ability in each of my creations and performances. In addition, Black Light owns and operates his own record label (Blurred Vision Records) which he currently releases music under.

Free to Love is a heated music phenomenon by Black Light which is highly influenced by DnB music. Eventually, the melody of the track emerges, with a pleasant calm melody adding a fresh vibe to the atmosphere. Then the magical echoes of the track soon resolve into the frail but hopeful tweeting of what I imagine a vibrant moment. After the vignette is intruded by a series of bass-powered outbursts the tempo and tension ratchet up, promising an energetic release. The whole thing climaxes into a stunning trance anthem, before falling apart once again at the hands of one final, smashing bass bomb.

What really makes it stand out is the way it carefully builds to a powerful climax in the habit of the best of DnB music. The high dynamic range lures us closer to the speakers during the soft moments, forcing us to listen closely as the track collects vitality like a tropical storm. “Free to Love ” is a restorative choice in the DJ mix-driven world of dance music that demands amazingly cheerful, DrumnBass creations.

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