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STUNTDRIVER is an LA performance-driven genre-bending rock spectacle with its “Diva” Knievel white racecar suits, gold helmets, painted faces, Janet Jackson-esque choreography, and dark-synth laced heavy electrorock that makes everyone feel like they’re on the same punk rock team. The bold undertaking is spearheaded by campy, fierce performance artist/music-maker Kym Priess and playfully examines the age-old battle of Good vs. Evil. The project was originally conceived as a wildly creative/immersive multi-media show in LA consisting of actors, band and Yellow Brick Road-like set. After, SD honed into sleek concert venue band shows playing the likes of Echo Park Rising and local residencies and was in route to play SXSW, then something called Covid happened.

Livestreams have been Priess solo, but not without theatrics, surprise guests and other antics.

STUNTDRIVER’s visceral, campy, choreographed videos are consistent with its message of battling good and evil — examining mask & identity in new-wave/post-rock track “Plastic Faces,” eradicating flaws with yellow sponges in barn-burner “Bad Bath” and the most recent video by New Yorker animator Patricia Luna for the new single “Fugitive” that premiered on New Noise Magazine. See them all here:

The full concept album “SAGA” will blast out 2021, co-produced by John Avila (OingoBoingo) & Anton Söder & mastered by Grammy-winner Gavin Lurssen.

Think Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Peaches & Karen O.

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