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by Handsome Contreras

GGCYD from Handsome Contreras is a next level Hip-Hop song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody.Known as much for his insightful words as for his sh** talking prowess, Handsome has staked claim in the hearts of all he meets by simply being (insert media-heavy keyword) authentic. Before it was cool to be yourself, he knew no other way to be. From the way he lives life to the way he makes his music, it’s always been centered around what HE likes (hence the genre he coined “Hand-Hop”) and how things should operate according to his twisted, yet interesting, mind -aka- Handsome Island. His main love and focus is evident in all he does, his daughter Penelope. When he’s not busy Fathering-Greatness, he’s out there preaching self-awareness, growth, and fighting his inner-most demons in every line he drops. The host of the Dopest Podcast in Existence, Purple Cups X Champagne (@PurpleCupsXChampagne), you can hear him and his brothers talk about everything under the Sun every week and get an even more unfiltered view of the gorgeous chaos that is Handsome Contreras.Ladies & Uglymen, Welcome to Handsome Island…

Handsome Contreras
Artist: Handsome Contreras

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