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Ghost Town

by Stevie Rain
Ghost Town


With this release, Rocker keeps the concept of the ‘Stevie Rain’ piece alive and well. The cover of “Ghost Town” presents a uniquely composed song that goes hand in hand with the basic concept of the song in a broad musical warm, smooth melody and equally subtle but emotional lead voice. Ghost Town originally by Kanye West.

Surprisingly melodic pop-rock with a translucent dance-kissed essence, the composition feels like a classic alternative pop hit from a simple time. The hook, especially the one that is addictive to it, resolves wonderfully after the rough and tumble of the verses before it.

Despite its excellent layout, familiarity with the synth, and lyrical simplicity, the music still offers more than a few different features for a fresh vibe. Voice is part of it, making it more accessible than most pop releases – an enjoyable pop-rock delicacy. The setting and details are subjective and engaging, and they are all subtle, impeccable and stunning.

Above the song, Stevie Rain’s voice is full of character – his tone, backward presentation style, and even everything – produces bars that are meant for specific entertainment.

Poetry and personal reflections in a brilliant voice are wonderfully arranged, gently directing you to the centre of one last moment of a song-like ensemble. What a talented artist. What an attractive musical creation. Worth seeing.


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